Buy him a Christmas tree

Buy him a Christmas tree

Last Friday (December 9th) my Ward had Ward Temple night at the Cedar City Utah temple. While in the temple I had a very clear impression that I should purchase a Christmas tree for a person I know. It left enough of an impression that as we were driving home to St George I told Amanda about it. I told her that I didn’t know much about this person’s home and if he already had a tree or not. I told her I would try to figure that out. I told her I though it was revelation from God but, even if it was my own imagination it would still be good to follow through to determine what, if anything, I should do.

I next saw this person on Monday and, to be completely honest, I had forgotten about the clear thought I had Friday night. We were talking about something else when all of a sudden I found myself telling him about my experience. I don’t his religious views but nevertheless explained about the thought I had on Friday. He told me I didn’t need to worry about a Christmas tree. I pushed a little passed that initial hesitant he presented and ultimately he confessed that he did not have a tree, how his mom has been pressuring him to get one, and he didn’t feel like he could afford one. Again, almost as clear as my conversation with this person, I heard and felt “buy him a Christmas tree.” I got him to agree to go to a local hardware store where we picked out a tree and a few other items for his home. We loaded it in my vehicle and I followed him to his house where we unloaded it.

I hope that this simple act will help him and his young family feel of God’s love for them. I have seen this person a couple of times since then but neither of us have mentioned the Christmas tree.

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