Family Home Evening

Family Home Evening

Family Home Evening is set aside by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as each Monday.  Mormon Families use this time for games, spiritual lessons, a treat, or other wholesome activities.

My family strives to hold family home evening each week.  Some weeks, we do nothing, some, a game, and some weeks, we actually get a spiritual lesson.  Some of these spiritual lessons I am outlining here in hopes of helping other families.

Currently, the following FHE lessons are available

13 Weeks of FHE / 13 Articles of Faith13 Weeks of FHE - 13 Articles of Faith

Currently (mid 2013), I am teaching my kids the 13 Articles of Faith.

Family Home Evening: Principles of The Gospel
13 lessons from the Gospel Principles Manual.  I created these during 2007-2008 while I was teaching the Gospel Principles class at Church.  After I stopped teaching this class, I did not continue making these booklets.

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