Front Sight Life Time Membership Giveaway

Front Sight Life Time Membership Giveaway

Front-Sight-Membership-Give-AwayI am giving away a Lifetime Membership to Front Sight Training Institute, about 45 minutes outside of Las Vegas. This membership will allow you to attend six classes as many times as you want, free of charge, for the rest of your life. Called the “Patriot Membership”, you can take two-day and four-day defensive handgun, two-day and four-day practice rifle, and two-day and four-day tactical shotgun. For more information on this membership, visit Classes start most Fridays and most Mondays (except in July and August). This world class training is incredible. Enter by commenting below. Contest will close Saturday, May 18, 2013.

Fine print: The winner will have to pay a $100.00 membership transfer fee directly to Front Sight. Each calendar year that you take a class, Front Sight requires a $50.00 background check fee. No purchase necessary.  Winner can not be already be a Lifetime Member of Front Sight.  Front Sight Management, LLC is not a sponsor of this giveaway.

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  1. Thank you for this kind generous offer. Please pick Earthling . . . another fellow GLOite who would really put it to good use!

  2. Mike,
    First of all, what a generous gift this is to be giving away! I commend you for offering this to another person! Thank you for your generosity! My name is Jared Gaetz, and I am new to GLO. I am 26 years old, an Eagle Scout, and definitely believe in being prepared. I married the woman of my dreams, two years ago, and “being prepared” has taken on a whole new level for me. I now feel the responsibility to not only take care of myself and those around me, but I need to be prepared to take care of my wife and someday children. This is extremely important to me! Preparedness takes on many forms in my mind and I am doing everything I can to be prepared, and ensure the comfort and longevity of my family. One area where I can’t help but feel insecure is our safety. I own a few firearms, and have a Utah Concealed Carry permit, but I feel inadequate if we should ever be physically threatened. I don’t believe that I have the proper training to truly be able to protect my family and others from physical harm. I have looked into purchasing a Frontsite membership, but I am in school at the University of Utah, and I simply won’t be able to afford it for quite a while. I firmly believe that a good guy with a gun and the proper training, is a priceless asset to have quietly watching over the community! If you were to choose me for this membership, I promise you that I wouldl take courses regularly and act responsibly with the advanced training that I would acquire. I’m not certain of the qualifications to enter in this contest, but I thought that I would message you, and tell you a little about myself and my intentions if I were to win.
    Thank you Mike!

    Jared Gaetz

  3. Front Sight is a wonderful training OP anyone would. E lucky to win this gift. Personally I don’t carry a gun right now and if I did I would want the best training provided something second nature , because frankly I forget I carry a pocket knife now how will I rember to pull a gun,


    David Lee

  4. I’m pleased to announce that David Butler was the winner of Mike’s World News’ Front Sight Life Time Membership Giveaway. Thank you everyone for your entries!

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