EIGRP notes

EIGRP notes

This is part of the Cisco Notes series on Mike’s World News.

EIGRP is only available on Cisco devices.

EIGRP can carry routing info for mulitple protocols (IP, IPX, Appletalk, etc)

Administrative Distance of 90 (the most preferred of all Routing Protocols discussed for CCNA.

Autonomous system must be same on all routers.

Uses DUAL algorithm.

The successor is the best route to a destination.

A feasible successor is a less-preferred, alternative route (ie a backup route).

Convergence time on EIGRP is very quick, often times less than 2 seconds.

EIGRP can load balance on unequal-cost links by using the variance command.

the variance command can be any value between 1 and 128. The default is 1, which is equal cost load balancing.

uses multicast

EIGRP does not detect the actual bandwidth on a link. you have to set it for accurate metrics.

supports Variable Length Subnet Mask
can use split horizon

for neighbors to form (adjacency), the following must be true:

  • same AS #
  • Same subnet
  • K-Values must match.

sends hello packets every 5-seconds.

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