Free Ham Radio class

Free Ham Radio class

I’ve been in contact with a Registered Instructor for the American Radio Relay League here in Vegas.  He has offered to come to the LDS Church near my house to teach free Ham Radio classes.  The classes will most likely be Wednesday or Thursday night at about 6:30 pm and will last for 6-weeks.  Anyone interested?

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  1. Hi!
    I just did a Google search for LDS hams in Vegas and found your blog. I recently moved to Vegas and am trying to find an LDS Ham group. I got my technician’s license in San Diego before I moved here, but I really don’t know what I’m doing. We had a great LDS net out there and I’m wondering if one exists out here. Did you get any feedback on your invitation to attend classes at your ward? Are you doing it? I’m in the Red Rock Stake. Where are you?

  2. Trina,

    We have about 10 people attending the class. It is at the North Las Vegas Stake Center Thursday nights at 6:30 pm, off Centennial and 5th St. Even though you already have your tech license, you are welcome to come as we are studying. There are quite a few LDS hams in Vegas, but haven’t been able to find any LDS nets here in town. We have talked about starting a club in our Ward (we have 5-members of our Ward doing the class together). Hope that helps a bit. Welcome to Vegas!

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