Quote of the Moment

Quote of the Moment

“They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty or safety.”

Benjamin Franklin

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  1. How do you think this applies to Bush’s “spying” program, or the other safety measures that have gone in place since 9-11?

  2. I think some of the provisions of the USA PATRIOT Act and “other safety measures” are necessary. However, I also think that many of them are unneeded, undesired, and, frankly, dangerious.

    For example, were we really safer when we could only fly with 3 oz of liguid on an airplane? Or was that (and most things that TSA do) just “Security theater”?. Does it make any sense that commericial vehicles can not drive over Hoover Dam (since 9/11)? Why on earth did the FBI have “sneak and peek” power that was clearly a violation of the 4th Amendement? I could go on and on.

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