What is a conservative?

What is a conservative?

“To be a conservative is, in my definition, is somebody that believes in the power of the individual, somebody that believes, please let me make my decisions, that I have a right to succeed and not be penalized for it. I have a right to fail and have no one run to me if I don’t want them to run to me. A conservative believes I have a right to manage my family, I have a right to discipline my family in the way I see fit, as long as it is not criminal. A conservative believes I have the right to worship God, I have a right to worship the God of my understanding, and I do not have the right to jam my version of God down anybody else’s throat or my version of no God down anybody’s throat. A conservative believes live and let live. That’s what a conservative believes. A conservative believes in the smallest amount of government, the smallest government you can get without anarchy. That’s what a conservative believes.”

Glenn Beck
May 13, 2008

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  1. THAT is it?
    That Covers it ALL?

    But he didn’t say anything about –
    Health Care
    Birth Control
    Condom Education
    Equality for Women
    Living Wage
    Ending the War
    Record Gasoline Prices
    Record BIG OIL Profits
    Sensible Gun Control
    Negotiation with other countries

  2. Ken,

    Of course he didn’t cover everything in a definition. I’m not sure the last time you opened a dictionary, but in a definition, you don’t discuss every possible topic relating to a word. Check out how Dictionary.com defines the word conservative. You will notice none of the thinks you are asking about is defined in their definition.

    Many of those topics, however, are covered by him and other conservatives, on the radio, TV, newspapers, blogs (including mine). Just not in a defination.

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