Unite the GOP

Unite the GOP

I’ve been pretty hard on the Republican Party in recent posts as I feel that the party leaders have gotten too liberal for my liking.  John McCain, for example, is too liberal in social & fiscal areas, although his tone has changed recently. Talk, however, is cheap. I was a big supporter for Mitt Romney as his record is a conservative record. As I’ve said recently, I don’t think I could support a John McCain presidency, unless he picks a good conservative candidate. In January 2007, I thought that the Republican ticket would ultimately be a McCain-Romney ticket, and if it was, I will be voting for that ticket in November. If it’s not a McCain-Romney ticket, then I don’t know who I’ll end up voting for. It may be Chuck Baldwin, it may be Bob Barr. If McCain has a good, solid conservative, perhaps I’ll vote for that ticket.  I just want a true conservative in the White House.

A website that I recommend is UniteTheGOP.com, which is pushing for a McCain-Romney ticket.

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