Honoring Sisters Lindsey Spjute and Karen Ann Deschamps

Honoring Sisters Lindsey Spjute and Karen Ann Deschamps
Sister Lindsey Spjute, a Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, had been serving in Birmingham, England.  She was from Farmington, Utah.  She died while jogging with her companion.

Sister Karen Ann Deschamps, from St. George, UT, had been serving with her husband, Elder Randall Deschamps, in Kirtland, OH.  She died in a car accident. Elder Deschamps remains in critical condition.



Instead, of serving returning home with their families at the conclusion of their missionary labors, they have been released from their mortal mission early and returning home to that God who gave them life.  They were valiant soldiers in the battle of souls.  They will be missed by their family and friends.

For more information, visit KSL.com story on Sis. Spjute. and KSL.com story on Elder & Sis. Deschamps

Sister Lindsey Spiute
Sister Lindsey Spjute

Elder Randall Deschamps and
Sister Karen Ann Deschamps

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