Clark County Republican Convention

Clark County Republican Convention

Today was the party Clark County Republican Convention.  All in all, it was fun.  I got to hang out with 3 good friends and discuss politics.  There were some people splitting hairs over the wording of the platform and the resolutions.  In the end, people kept arguing about the party platform.  I wish that we could have an up or down vote on each individual item on the platform, but instead, it was an all or nothing.  So, I voted against it.   My friend Denise talked more about the platform issues on her blog, which I’d encourage you to read.  In January, I posted a link to the party platform of the Constitution Party.  It was 10,000% better than the platform that the CCRC tried to vote on today.  My friends, I am still a registered Republican.  I plan on staying one for at least the time being.  But I must tell you, I am very dissatisfied with the State of the Party.  In November, unless something changes, I believe that I will be voting for the Presidential Candidate of the Constitution Party.

Constitution Party

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  1. Just wondering if you knew that this shows if you google “clark county republican convention.” Yours is #5 on the list and mine is #6.
    Just thought you’d be interested in knowing.

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