Mikey's development

Mikey's development

Mikey has learned how to snap off the cover of a water bottle, drink some water out of it, and then re-snap it. Everyday he amazes me with what he has learned to do. He recently has started folding his arms for prayers. We will be in eating and 4 or 5 times during the course of it, he’ll fold his arms to pray. If we don’t notice it right away, he will start to make a pretty distinct noise until we stop and pray

As we watch our child learn and grow, I’m sure its much like the way our Father in Heaven watches each of us and we learn and grow in this life. I hope my son makes the right choices. When he does things wrong, the Wife and I are there to try to help correct him. He worries us sometimes when he, for example, stands up in his high chair and tries to get out, or when he climbs up on the couch and almost falls down. How often are we standing near the end of some something, almost ready to fall, so to speak, with God watching? Does He worry that we are going to fall? Does it cause heartache and pain for Him?

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