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Bury the Hatchet!

The election is over. It is time to repair friendships with the other party. Governor Sarah Palin is doing her part to do just that. The rest of the world cannot understand how, after bitter election campaigns, American politicians can kiss and make-up. For instance, Gov. Palin has invited, to her great state of Alaska, […]

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Update on "One Angry Democrat"

In February of 2007, I wrote about a conversation that I had with “One Angry Democrat“. I went over to her house again today. Surprise, surprise, she is voting for John McCain. She doesn’t trust Barack Obama. Of course, I told her that I am supporting Chuck Baldwin, because he is actually planning on following […]

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Funny picture

Funny picture I got in e-mail today: Scary, isn’t it.

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So I was driving in my truck….

late Wednesday night on my way home from a hard, long day at work.  I noticed in front of me a nice look, late model Mitsubishi car.  The car was in good condition.  I then noticed the car had a “Hillary” bumper sticker.  I said out loud that the car would be going to the […]

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I got this in an e-mail today: A driver is stuck in a traffic jam going into downtown Chicago. Nothing is moving north or south. Suddenly a man knocks on his window. The driver rolls down his window and asks, “What happened,what’s the hold up?” “Terrorists have kidnapped Hillary Clinton, Rosie O’Donnell, Jesse Jackson, and […]

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Hillary Clinton's opinion on the War in Iraq

Hillary Clinton was speaking a few days ago. In her talk she started talking about the War in Iraq. As far as I remember, her speak when something like this: “I do not agree with the current Administration’s open-ended approach. It does not put enough pressure on the new Iraq Government. However, I do not […]

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