Good Friday Timeline

Good Friday Timeline

While the 4 Gospel authors do not always 100% agree on a timeline this is an approximation of what happened on Good Friday. If I left out anything you feel important I apologize in advance and feel free to tell me what I should add in the comments.

11 pm Thursday – the atonement in Gethsemane. His closest friends falls asleep while He “sweat was as it were great drops of blood falling down to the ground” (Luke 22:44) as He begins to pay the price for all our sins. This will be concluded at Calvary.

1 am Friday – Judas kisses the Lord, as a sign to betray Him to the Temple guards.

1:15 am – Jesus is arrested, Peter cuts the ear off the High Priests servant. Jesus heals the ear.

1:30 am – as Jesus is being lead away by the Temple guards the disciples flee.

2:00 am – Jesus goes before Annas, father-in-law to High Priest Caiaphas.

2:15 am – Peter denies knowing Jesus.

3:00 am – Jesus goes before High Priest Caiaphas and the Sanhedrin counsel in an illegal trial, who declares that Jesus is a Blasphemer and thus should be killed.

3:15 am – Peter denies knowing Jesus a 2nd time.

4:00 am – Jesus put in prison

5:15 am – Peter denies knowing Jesus a 3rd time / the rooster then crows. Peter, realizing what he did, begins to cry.

5:30 am – Jesus mocked and blasphemous thinks spoken by those holding Him in prison.

6:00 am – Jesus taken before Pilate for questioning.

7:00 am – Jesus taken before Herod for questioning.

8:00 am – Jesus taken again before Pilate for questioning. Pilate offers to release “Jesus called Christ” or Barabbas. Crowd demands Barabbas released and Jesus killed.

8:15 am – Jesus is beaten by order of Pilate.

9:00 am – solders put a crown of thorns on Jesus’s head and then they mock Him.

9:15 am – Pilate presents the now beaten Jesus to the crowd. “Behold your king!” Crowd again demands that He be crucify.

9:45 am – Jesus leaves Pilate and is given His cross to carry.

10:00 am – Jesus begins His walk, while carrying His cross, to Calvary.

11:45 am – Jesus arrives at Calvary.

12:00 pm – Jesus is nailed to the cross.

12:15 pm – Cross is raised.

12:30 pm – “Father forgiven them for they know not what they do”.

1:30 pm – Jesus tells the Apostle John to take care of His mother.

2:00 pm – To allow Him to completely feel the depths of sorry, God the Father withdraws His spirit. Jesus cries out “My God, My God, what hast thou forsaken me?”

2:30 pm – Jesus says “I thirst”. He is offered vinegar.

2:45 pm – Jesus declares “It is finished” as He has finished paying for all of our sins, which began in Gethsemane.

3:00 pm – Jesus says “Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit” and then dies.

But that isn’t the end of the story.

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