Aaronic Priesthood

Aaronic Priesthood

I know I should keep a journal, but have been bad for years. I felt today was worth writing a brief journal entry and, for lack of a better place, decided to write it here.

My oldest child, Mikey, will be turning 14 later this month. My second child, Josh, will be turning 12 in March. As a result, today in Sacrament meeting, they were both sustained to be ordained, respectively, Teachers and Deacons in the Aaronic Priesthood. After Church I had the privilege to do these ordinances. I first confer the Aaronic Priesthood on Josh and ordained to the office of Deacon. For a few minutes today I had two Deacons in my household. Afterwards I ordained Mikey to the office of Teacher. My dear, sweet wife Amanda was set apart to be a nursery teacher.

Today was a blessed day for my family.

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