May 2015 Stock Picks

May 2015 Stock Picks

On March 12, 2015, I purchased some stock in Tesla (Nasdaq:TSLA). As of the time I write this post, this stock has increased in value 29.91%, a great return for just over 2-months of ownership.

On November 12, 2014, I purchased some shares in the mutual fund Silver Trust (NYSEARCX: SLV). As of the time I write this post, the fund has increased in value 9.01%, which is a pretty decent return over the last 7-months.

On March 18, 2014, I invested some money on behalf of my parents in the mutual fund Vanguard Total Stock Market Index (VTSMX). As of the time I write this post, this fund has increased in value 11.44%, which compared to the 1% or less interest rate they likely would have received in savings from their bank, is very encouraging.

I don’t invest a lot in the stock market, but, with a couple of exceptions (looking at you Countrywide [now Bank of America] and Freddie Mac), I think I’ve made some pretty good investment decisions. Now, I figured I’d tell you guys, my couple of readers, what I’m considering investing in this week. Note – I may change my mind, modify my plans, only invest in some, or not invest at all at this time. I was not paid for this post and other than Tesla, I do not currently own investments in any of these companies, nor have I in the past.

  1. Amazon – large e-commerce site and tech company.
  2. Cognex – makes manufacturing equipment for lots of companies. Likely big in the coming surge of new manufacturing predicted for US.
  3. Cummins – diesel engine manufacture.
  4. NYSE: Disney – large entertainment company, owns theme parks, ESPN, ABC, cruise ships, Hotels, Star Wars (Lucas Film), Marvel.
  5. MercadoLibre – largest eCommerce site and e-payment company in Latin America.
  6. NXP – chip maker used in mobile payments by Apple, Samsung, others, working on smart car technology.
  7. Tesla – electric car company, battery maker, really an energy company.

If you end up posting in any of these, let me know by commenting below.

This post is not intended to convey legal, accounting, investing, or other professional advice. I’m not selling anything. As of the time of this post, Michael Cox owned shares of TSLA, SLV, FMCC, and BAC.

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