8th Article of Faith

8th Article of Faith

We believe the Bible to be the word of God as far as it is translated correctly; we also believe the Book of Mormon to be the word of God.”

This week, after an opening song and opening prayer, we reviewed the 1st Article of Faith, the 2nd Article of Faith (Josh’s favorite), the 3rd Article of Faith, the 4th Article of Faith, the 5th Article of Faith, the 6th Article of Faith, and the 7th Article of Faith.

I the used the [download#45#nohits]  from A Year of Family Home Evening.  We practiced the 8th Article of Faith.  Amanda liked this picture a lot, and had Josh hang it on the wall so the kids could practice it all week.  We then talked about the Bible and the Book of Mormon and how they were both collections of writings of prophets.  We talked about how over time during the translation of the Bible, words were changed.  Some of them were done on accident, or because the writers were trying to help people understand the message.  I also told them how Jesus appeared to the people in America after His death and resurrection.  We watched a 2 1/2 minute video clip from Living Scriptures on when He appeared to the people.

Finally, we played the telephone game.  I took Mikey to a different room and told him “The red dog jumped over the river”.  He told Josh, who told Amanda, who told Hannah, who told us “The red dot jumped over the wall.”  We discussed this, in relation to the Bible translations.  Mikey then wanted a turn.  He told Josh “I like eating popcorn at the movie theatre.”  Mikey told Josh, who told me, who told Amanda, who told Hannah, who said “Mikey likes eating popcorn at movie theatres.”  Josh admitted to changing it to Mikey so that we knew it was it was Mikey (not Josh) who liked to eat popcorn.  We also discussed this and how well meaning people tried to help improve our understanding of the Bible, but how that can cause problems if their understanding was incorrect.

After closing with another song and prayer, we had a nice treat.

(Thanks LDSFamilyFunA Year of FHE, and SugarDoodle for the ideas).

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13 Weeks of FHE / 13 Articles of Faith

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