Verizon Wireless & Emery Telcom

Verizon Wireless & Emery Telcom

My whole family have Verizon Wireless cell phones.  We don’t have many problems with them so even though they are more expensive then other wireless carriers, we continue to use them.  About a week ago, however, Verizon Wireless customers are no longer able to call customers of Emery Telcom, which services rural Utah.  Call to VZW tech support has not been helpful.  They keep saying they are looking into it and, originally it was suppose to be fixed by the end of the day.  Now they are saying 5 more days.

Emery Telcom immediately jumps up and down and blames Verizon Wireless, without looking into the problem.

Anyone else ever had problems where an entire carrier is unable to call another carrier?  If you have Verizon Wireless and you want to see what it does, try calling Emery Telcom’s office at 435.748.2223.

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