I feel like I sold my 1st Child…

I feel like I sold my 1st Child…

Its a happy, yet sad day, at the Cox household.  I opened a computer service business named Las Vegas Geeks in February 2003.  In February of this year, I sold this business to a friend, but was allow to continue using the name until the sale was completed.  This sale was completed a few days ago.

I wasn’t married until 2004 and didn’t have my 1st kid until 2006.  So, while the Wife and I believe selling the business was the right course of action, it is still a little sad.  We had actually considered selling it a few years earlier, but didn’t.  Since a friend has purchased it, we thought it was a little bit easier to sell.  I want to personally wish Kerrigan Enterprises, LLC doing business as Las Vegas Geeks a good future and continued growth!  I know she’s your baby now… but she was my baby first, so treat her right!

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  1. Hi Michael,

    I believe we are related, though a little distantly. I saw a post you did on the WP Fullmer blog (I am a grandson of Norris, son of Lyle), saw that you live in North Las Vegas, and thought I’d drop you a line. I actually work for the City of North Las Vegas in the Finance Dept–very challenging times. I jope you and your family continue to do well, and that the sale of your business that you mentioned leaves you well.

    Take care, and feel free to visit our blog at http://www.janangfam.blogspot.com.

    Jan Fullmer

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