I passed my Ham Radio License!

I passed my Ham Radio License!

I’ve been interested in ham radio/amateur radio for a while now.  Well, today, my dear, sweet wife, myself, and 4 other people from our Ward went and took the ham radio license exam.  All 6 of us were not currently licensed ham radio operators.  Currently the FCC offers 3 ham radio license classes; Technician, General, and Extra.  All 6 of us passed the first test (the technician), 2 of us (including myself) passed the general test, and 1 passed all 3 today.  We could miss 9 questions on the 35-question test for both Technician and General.  Both Amanda and I missed 3-questions on the Technician and I missed 9 on the general.  One might say I got a perfect score on the general! 🙂

Our Ward had no ham radio operators in it before today.  It now has 1 Extra, 1 General, and 4 Technicians!  We do have to wait until our name appears in the FCC’s ULS database, which should be about Thursday.  I’m excited.  We’re talking about setting up a Ham Radio Club (since we need 4-members, and we have 6).  Maybe North Las Vegas LDS Hams?  Or North Las Vegas Mormon Hams?  Latter-day Hams?

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