Walreds and Post Offices

Walreds and Post Offices

Monday night, Mikey and I were driving.  We went first to the Post Office.  When we got back in the car and I was buckling him in, he told me “Daddy, I see ‘of’.  See, ‘O-F'”.  I looked where he was pointing and it was the Post Office sign, and, sure enough, there is an “O-F” in Office.  I told him “Yeah, O-F does spell of.  It also has an F-I-C-E.  When you put that all together ‘O-F-F-I-C-E’, you know what that spells Mikey?”  “What?”  “Office”.  “Oh, and if you put “P-O-S-T” in front of that, you know what that spells Daddy?  Post Office.”

Later, we were driving by a Walgreens.  As you may know, the Walgreens logo is in red.  Mikey told me “Daddy, there’s Walgreens.  But the letters are all in red.  Maybe they should be ‘Walreds’.”

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