Interview with Chris Davis

Interview with Chris Davis

Ladies and Gentleman,

I am pleased to announce the Mike’s World News has had its first interview!  District Court Judge Department 14 candidate Chris Davis e-mailed me to tell me about himself and why I should vote for him.  He then gave me his home phone number and said he’d like to personally talk to me.  I called him and we talked a bit.  I did a short interview with him.

Chris Davis is a 6th generation Nevadan.  He went to Brigham Young University and then to the Univerity of Utahfor his law degree, where he graduated in the top 10 percent of his class.  He worked for a time in Utah as a lawyer before coming back to Nevada.  He worked with federal judges here in the State, including the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.  He has also worked with Nevada Supreme Court Judaical candidate Kris Pickering.  He decided to run to challenge the incumbent Donald Mosley, who has had 7 separate ethicals violations, including giving his (Judge Mosley) girlfriend the balance of his election campaign money.

I asked Chris Davis which Supreme Court Justice he thought he was most like.  He said Justice Antonin Scalia and that he also likes Chief Justice John Roberts.  I also asked him if I told one thing to people about him, what would it be.  He said that he is running because he wants to have an ethical court.  He would also want everyone to watch the video on his website (as seen below)

In The Sin City Conservatives Election Guide for the 2008 Primary Election, I had recommended Chris Davis as the person to vote for.  I also plan on having him be the person I recommend in the upcoming The Sin City Conservatives Election Guide for the 2008 General Election, which should be ready this coming week.

As Mike’s World News continues to grow, we will try to bring you more exclusive interviews with the people trying to shape our world.

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  1. What really stinks is that even though Chris Davis is clearly the right choice, it’s hard to get elected without the money to back you. I’ve seen Donald Mosley signs all over town, and not one for Chris Davis. Sadly, most people will not educate themselves about the candidates, especially in the judical races, and many will go purely off name recognition.
    It is a terribly sad state when the majority of people don’t take the election seriously and just vote on a whim. How quickly we (as a nation) forget the sacrafices that have taken place to ensure we have the opprotunity to vote. I just wish people would waste that opprotunity.

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