How's that deal?

How's that deal?

Mikey’s newest phrase is “How’s that deal?”.  He’ll come up to me and say something like “Daddy, when we get home, can I watch TV?  How’s that deal?”  It’s pretty funny.  We’ve started using that with him now too.  “Mikey, do you want to go do XYZ tomorrow?  Then you have to brush your teeth.  How’s that deal?”.  He’ll then tell me “That’s a good deal Daddy”.

I had an interview with the Bishop tonight and got home pretty late.  The whole family was up wanting to know what my new calling is (which I’ll post here at Mike’s World News on Sunday or Monday after I’ve been sustained and set apart).  It was, of course, way past Mikey & Josh’s bedtime.  Mommy decided that instead of reading scriptures, Mikey should just have a short story and then go to bed (and read scriptures in the morning).  Mikey didn’t want that; he wanted his normal two chapters a night (1 chapter in The Old Testament, 1 chapter in The Book of Mormon).  After Amanda & Mikey argued about it for a few minutes,  I announced “I’m not going to argue with my two and a half year old about reading scriptures.”  We proceeded to read them until Mikey feel asleep.

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  1. How about you just always let Mikey stay up late, how’s that deal?
    Hmm, I wonder what your new calling is? You’ve been a Sunday School teacher, right? I predict…Young Men’s Advisor…

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