Home Teaching and Mikey

Home Teaching and Mikey

Every month, when I go home teaching, I take Mikey with me.  I do this for several reasons, among which are;

  • I’m trying to set a good example for him
  • I want him to become friends with others in our ward.
  • I want him to love Church service.

Today, with my Home Teaching companion, Mikey & I went home teaching to a family in our ward.  They have a threeish year old.  He and Mikey played together pretty well.  When we were on our way home, Mikey told me “Daddy, I love home teaching.”  It made me happy to hear that.

I also like to make some kind of dessert to take with us when we go home teaching.  Today, I made brownies.  My home teaching companion made a handout, and used some cutesy scissors to decorate its border.  Later in the evening, Amanda told me that my companion and I are more like “Visiting Teaching companions” than Home Teaching companions.  Silly wifey.

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  1. I have to say that I agree with Amanda on this one. But, I do commend you and your companion (and Mikey, too) for actually doing your home teaching every month! I would love it if I got my home teacher every month!

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