GOP Convention Roll Call Vote

GOP Convention Roll Call Vote

I watched the Republican National Convention Roll Call Vote tonight on Dish Network’s RNC08 channel.

A couple of notes: 28 States/Territories passed on the first round of voting.

The final count: Mitt Romney: 2 (2nd Round: 2 from Utah)
Ron Paul: 15 | announced 5 (First round: 5 from Alaska [updated, originally, I had put “a state (I didn’t write down with one)”] / 2nd round: 4 from Oregon, 4 from Washington, and 2 from West Virginia
John McCain: 2343| announced 2372

Other interesting notes

In the 2nd round of voting, Tennessee had all votes for “George S. McCain”.

In the 2nd round of voting, West Virginia had 28 votes for McCain and 2 votes for Ron Paul, yet when the floor counters announced the vote of the West Virginia delegates, they announced 30 votes for John McCain.

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  1. That was the best moment of the night. I laughed so damn hard when he announced George S. McCain.

    And yes, the Ron Paul shafting pissed me off, too.

    The only reason those states/territories passed was so that Arizona could cast the votes that put McCain over the limit needed for the nomination.

  2. Funny how if the roles were reversed and Paul had only gotten the 22% Romney garnered and Paul’s people booed Romney for winning, the est. would have STILL attacked Ron Paul and his supporters, just from another angle. Actually, I take that back. They would have wound a way to ignore his total altogether by not reporting the remaining totals. The est. is SCARED! They have been squirming now for 2 years trying to figure out how to neutralize this REAL conservative movement. They will fail.

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