2008: The Year the Financial Market was Socialized

2008: The Year the Financial Market was Socialized

I have been requested to write some of my thoughts on the “mortgage crisis” and the “bailout” of the financial markets.  I don’t have much time to get into this topic right now, so I’ll just give two thoughts.

We have been told how “urgent” this is.  It has to be done before Friday.  Anytime the government works really fast, either there is things in the bill that they don’t want We, The People, to find out about, OR they are trying to distract us from something else.  Which is it Government?  Either way, I don’t want it.

Second, we as a country are suppose to be for capitalism and against socialism, at least the Republicans are.  Yet, it is under a Republican Presidency that are financial markets are being socialized.  And people wonder why I’m so angry at the Republicans…

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