From Third Party To Mainstream?

From Third Party To Mainstream?

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  1. I’d be curious to know what kind of funds he has. I’m sure it’s not anything near McCain or Obama, but I would sure like to see his message get out to the general public on something besides YouTube. I think if more people really knew about the Constitution Party, many of them would vote that way.

  2. He has very little funds right now. He is fundraising, but of course, with the media ignoring him, its hard to get his message out. In May 2008, (the first month he was the Constitution Party Candidate) he raised $21,432.00.

    I’ve been asked to be the Nevada State Representative for Chuck Baldwin for President. I’m talking to be people all the time about him. Grassroots helps, but of course, it would be nice to have some TV and Radio commercials, as I can only talk to so many people at a time.

  3. You should contact Casey and see if they could do some kind of discussion about all the third party candidates. Keep listening to KXNT and try to call when it would be relevant and talk about him.

  4. I listen to KXNT pretty much when ever I’m in my car. I don’t always agree with them, but I really like listening to Casey & Heather. And Casey is always willing to listen to opposing view points. I e-mailed him a few minutes ago to see if they’d be interested in interviewing Chuck Baldwin. I think if I can get both sides to agree to do that, that would be a great boast to his campaign here in Southern Nevada. Truth be told, I’m a little nervous e-mailing different people about Chuck Baldwin as its a new experience for me. Talking one on one with people I’m fine with. Writing politics on my blog, no big deal. But I’m finding e-mailing people a little nerve-racking. Silly huh?

  5. Not silly, just new. You are steping out of your comfort zone. You’re doing it, though, because you believe in it, and that is to be admired. I felt the same way when I was doing calls for Mitt Romney. It was so new to me, but I felt it was so important that I had to do it. Putting yourself out there for something you believe in is honorable and I think what you are doing is really great! (You should contact “Ron Paul” people.)

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