Work more or play more?

Work more or play more?

We were at the store yesterday (Saturday, 29 June 08) and we were getting Mikey a toy that, with a coupon we had, was going to make the toy free.  There was another toy right next to it that Mikey wanted.  It was $50.00 or so.  He asked me if we could get it.  I told him something along the lines of “Mikey, we don’t have enough money to buy that right now.  If you want us to get it, Daddy is going have to work more.  Do you want Daddy to work more or do you want Daddy to stay home more and play with you?”  Mikey thought about it for a second and then said “Stay home and play with me.”

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  1. Isn’t it amazing how kids can easily see the way priorities should be in our lives? We really should listen to them more often, as they can be very insightful.

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