Eat out verses taking with you

Eat out verses taking with you

I love eating out.  Growing up, we eat out more than we ate in, at least, that’s how I remember it.  As a result, I would always go out to eat for lunch.  Last year, Amanda started making me a lunch most days.  Its amazing how much one can spend on lunch each day.  I found a nifty little calculator over at and, based on my guestaments, I’m guessing the Wife has saved us at least $700.00 so far.  Go Wifey! 🙂  The longer I take lunch with me, of course, the more that will increase.

To arrive at my figures, I used the cost of $5.00 for lunch eating out, verses $2.00 taking it with me, for 1 year, with a 3% return on my money.

What do you guys think?  Do you take lunch with you to work?  Do you eat out?  If $700.00 worth the time and effort the Wife puts into it?  Do I have the best wife in the world?

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  1. I’ve been spoiled by marrying into your family. I really miss eating out! Thanks for thinking I’m awesome.
    For the record, Mondays I usually don’t have a lunch made for dear hubby so he goes without. When I’m making sandwiches for kiddo on Monday, then I made extras for daddy too! The “trick” is to just make them up ahead of time at the same time. So easy, and so worth it!

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