Mikey's dreams

Mikey's dreams

The Wife and boys are out of town for a week, however, I still wanted to post this Mikey story.

Every morning, when I go and get him from bed, he and I always sit down in a chair in his room and I give him hugs for a few minutes.  I ask him “How did you sleep?” to which he responses “Good”.  I would ask him if he had any dreams.  He would normally say yes, so I would follow it up with “What did you dream about?”.  Sometime last week, I was rocking with him and I asked him how he slept.  I didn’t ask him if he had any dreams.  He interrupted me all of a sudden and said “I had a dream last night.”.  I asked him “What did you dream about?”.  His answer; “Shoes”!  The next day, he had a dream about birds.  He has also had dreams about books, God, and horses.  It makes me smile.

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