I am Officially Supporting Chuck Baldwin

I am Officially Supporting Chuck Baldwin

Effective today, I am officially supporting Chuck Baldwin, the Constitution Party Candidate for US President in 2008.  In July 2007, I wrote “Mitt Romney needs to hold a press conference this week and say something to the effect of “If Ramos and Compean, our two Border Agents who are now in jail for doing their job, are not pardoned by the time I take office in January 2009, I will pardon them my first day as President of the United States”. ”  Governor Romney did not take my suggestion.

In a recent campaign speech, Chuck Baldwin said: “And I guarantee you this; the day before my inauguration as President will be the last day that Mr. Romos and Compean will have to spend in prison.  They will be released from prison on the first day that I am President.”

Chuck Baldwin

Update 6 June 08: You can now read my endorsement at Baldwin2008.com
Update 30 July 08: The Baldwin 09 Website was redesigned and they have taken off the endoresement pages.

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