Bob Barr wins Libertarian nominiation

Bob Barr wins Libertarian nominiation

This weekend, former Congressman Bob Barr won the Libertarian nominiation for President.  I like some of what Congressman Barr has to say, however, I don’t like a lot of the Libertarian platform.  For example, III.3 says “Repeal all laws establishing criminal or civil penalties for the use of drug.” and I.9 says ” Repeal the federal Defense of Marriage Act and state laws and amendments defining marriage”, and I.8 states “We oppose government actions that either compel or prohibit abortion, sterilization or any other form of birth control… We support the voluntary exchange of goods, services or information regarding human sexuality, reproduction, birth control or related medical or biological technologies.”  These just aren’t the positions of a social conservative, in my opinion.

What do you like about the Libertarian platform?  Read it online at and then post a comment and tell me what you like and dislike about it.

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  1. I am pretty fond of the Libertarian platform. One of the most important parts, IMHO, is the legalization of all drugs.

    The question here is “to whom do I belong”. Obviously, if I am government property, the government has a right to prosecute me for damaging that property. I believe, however, that I do NOT
    belong to my government.

    Some people would abuse drugs even if they were legal. They would still, however, have to face the natural consequences of their actions. A social conservative might say “the consequences intended by god”. This is sufficient.

    Note that Libertarians believe in repealing the welfare state, so it is not as if you would be expected to pay for the mistakes of drug users.

    The issue of drug use is much like the issue of Polygamy. Some people think it is a sin, others thing it is a sacrement. That is fine, we all have a right to our opinions. But I do not have a right to impose my opinion on you, any more than you have a right to impose your opinion on me. So long as nobody is forced to participate against their will, in which case I would feel honor-bound to intervene, I’m content to let God judge these issues.

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