Sun Oven Cooking

Sun Oven Cooking

I had a birthday recently. As a birthday present, my Wife and my Mother purchased a Global Sun Oven, which is one of the Preparedness items that I’ve wanted. While I hope to use all of the items in the [download#9#nohits], I figured today, I’d start with something simple; I’d start with making hot dogs. I couldn’t find directions on making hot dogs in the Sun Oven. I had two different ideas of how to make them; first was to put them in a pot of water and let the Sun Oven bring the water to a boil. The second idea was to put them on a dish and cook them you would in an oven. I was planning on doing both, but didn’t have quite enough room in the Sun Oven. I ended up going with my first idea of putting them in a pot and letting the water boil. I did not put a lid on the pot and the glass lid of the Sun Oven got very steamy. After the hot dogs where finished, I decided to cook some chili. The Wife can’t eat chili yet, but Mikey and I can.

I thought the food came out pretty good.  I think I’m now ready to try more complex things in the Sun Oven.  They do sell larger Sun Ovens so at some point perhaps I’ll get a larger one, but for now, this one is good.

For anyone interested in trying to make a solar oven, try this one with your kids, from NASA.

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  1. Thanks for preparing/ cooking all the meals today babe! I really am excited for you to make more stuff in the sun oven. The chili and hot dogs really cooked well. I can’t believe how easy this Sun Oven thing is.

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