Earth Day 2008

Earth Day 2008

So yesterday was the day we are suppose to be worried about the environment and how “we are destroying the planet”.  I am all for having a nice place to live.  I, for example, don’t like having trash in my yard or in my neighborhood.  I want clean water to drink, fresh air to breath.  However, most of the things that Earth Day stands for is a bunch of propaganda that is not based on fact.  For example, “Global Warming”.  When Earth Day was first started in the 1970s, these Enviro-Nazis where warning about the next Global Cooling.  Now its man-made Global Warming.  Too bad that they don’t tell you that the hottest year on record was in the 1930s.  Its also too bad that they don’t tell you that since 1998, the temperate has been going down each year.  There is also no, I repeat no scientific consensus that there is man-made “Climate Change”.  And, even if there was, what step of the Scientific method is consensus?  That is not how Science is suppose to be done.  In any case, I figured I’d give my Top Ten Things I Should Have Done for Earth Day

10. Kept all of my lights on all day.
9. Went to KFC and have them serve me food in Styrofoam
8. Top off my gas tank in the middle of the day
7. Ask for plastic as I buy my groceries
6. Steal the CF light bulbs and replace them with mercury free incandescent light bulbs
5. Buy stock in “Big-Oil”
4. At the Video Store, hide all the copies of the propaganda An Inconvenient Truth
3. Print out a ton of junk e-mail
2. Tell every left-leaning person I know my Top Ten List
1. Visit the Hummer dealership and go on a Test Drive.

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  1. Mike,

    I totally agree with you. I was reading something online that says Patrick Moore (Greenpeace Founder) there is no proof that Global Warming is caused by humans.

  2. michael,

    you can delete this comment. but anyway, i just wanted to let you know that i did not delete your comments off my blog on purpose. my database got all messed up, and i had to start all over. so you can recomment on any of them if you want.

  3. I agree with your global warming arguments, and I don’t think the left can make an solid scientific argument that global warming is caused in any substantial part to humans. But, I also think that many of the suggestions regarding conservation are good suggestions for reasons beyond “preventing global warming.” Turning off lights and using CF bulbs reduces energy usage and reduces my electric bill. Buying cars with greater gas efficency reduces my price at the pump and reduces our nations dependance on foriegn oil. (Yes, I know most of our foriegn oil comes from Canada, but they are still a foriegn country…for now.) All that being said, I would change #4 “hide” to “shop-lift and burn” Have a Great Day!!!

  4. you fogot to mention: running the water while brushing your teeth, replacing all the shower heads and toilets back to high pressure ones, and cutting down trees to stock pile the wood for when we need a fuel source to cook our food when there’s a disaster and we have no power!!

  5. Troy,

    When they are suggestions, that’s one thing. When they are government mandates, that’s quite another. I don’t want to use CF Bulbs, because of the risk of mercury around my sons. But, under current law, I will have to come 2012. My moral agency will be taken away from me. As you know, we have a Toyota Prius, because we felt the increase fuel economy was worth it for us to pay more for it. But, I shouldn’t be forced to buy that. I also have a very fuel inefficient V8 Nissan Titan truck, because having a full size truck is helpful in my businesses. If the government forces CAFE standards unrealistically, then either I will be forced to buy a car I don’t want or these cars will not be safe.

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