Shh! Don't Wake Baby

Shh! Don't Wake Baby

Baby Josh had a dipper change, some Momma Juice and has now fallen back asleep.  I thought I’d take a few minutes to post some updates.  I posted yesterday a little bit of information as did Mommy.  However, neither of us posted very much information.

Josh was born at 5:54 PM Tuesday (18 March 08).  He weighed 7 lbs and was 18.25 inches long.  When he was first born, he was very pale and, as a result, the Nurses were a little worried.  They took Josh to the NICU.  Being his Daddy, I abandoned Amanda and went with Josh to the NICU.  I stayed with Josh until 6:30 pm when I was kicked out of the NICU, as they close to visitors until 8:00 pm for shift change.  So, I proceeded back to the recovery room with Amanda and stayed with her.  At about 7:50 pm, the hospital staff moved us to the room we’d be staying in until Amanda is discharged.  A few minutes after we got in this room, they took Josh back to us.  He is much more pink than he was, but still is pale compared to both Amanda & I as well as Mikey.  All of his vitals look good, however, so the staff thinks he will be fine.  Josh has been sleeping and eating well.

While the 3 of us have been at the Hospital, my sister, “Shell” (as Mikey calls her) has been watching Mikey for us.  She had surgery recently and so, one of my cousin’s 10-year old daughter came over to help babysit Mikey.  He has done very well so far with them.  He slept through the night and has had fun playing with them.  Neither my Mom nor Amanda’s Mom were able to come down to Vegas, so, while we miss them, we’re glad that Aunt Michelle is able to play with Mikey and we’re very grateful for her, as well as Taylor, Ammon & Rosie (who watched Mikey for a couple of hours yesterday).

I promise, I’ll get more pictures of Josh uploaded soon!

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