Remembering Glenna

Remembering Glenna

My Grandma (my Mother’s mother) died last night.  Mikey, the Wife, my mom, and I went to see her last night as we all knew she would be dying.  She has been very unresponsive recently to everyone.  I knew, however, that she would respond when I was there.   We took flowers to her.  I put one up to her nose and asked her how they smelled.  All without opening her eyes she told me that the flowers were beautiful.  I told her “just like you”, to which she gave her usual scoff whenever anyone tries to give her a compliment.  I put lotion on her hands and rubbed them for a little while.  She fell asleep (as she had just been given medicine).  We left a little while later.  I told Amanda that Grandma would die either that night or early the next morning.  At about 2:30 this morning, we get called to be told that Grandma had died.  It was sometime between 11:00 pm and 1:00 am MST.  I’m glad that she is out of pain now and that she is reunited with her husband, my Grandfather, who died 18 years ago.  I know that I will see her again.  This separation is only temporary.

The director of the funeral home told my mom that perhaps President Hinckley was there to meet my Grandmother.

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