Mikey likes to count and help his parents

Mikey likes to count and help his parents

This isn’t new, but I hadn’t written about it and I wanted to, less I forget.

Mikey likes to count from 1 – 10. We do it most days. He recognized the numbers now also. For a while, he would get mad when he saw the number 1, because he thought it should be the letter I. He knows all of his upper case letters A-Z, and some lower case letters. We are now working on spelling words with these letters. He still loves watching the Animated Stores from the New Testament. He now says “DVD about Jesus”. When the movie is starting up, he will see the NEST logo and he will spell “N E S T”, nest. I’m quite impressed. He has correctly spelled “Mikey” a few times. He is so close to spelling Mommy right, but normally adds an extra o in there “M O M O M Y”.

NEST Entertainment

Mikey is also getting good at opening doors. We have to be careful now with the doors.

Mikey loves loading the laundry in the washer, moving the clothes to the dryer and unloading the dryer into a laundry basket. He also likes loading and unloading the dish washer.

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