Maine GOP Caucus – update

Maine GOP Caucus – update

CNN has now estimated the delegates for the Maine Republican caucus going on this weekend.  Mitt Romney, who received 52% of the votes, is estimated to receive all 18 of the delegates.  John McCain, came in 2nd with 21% of the vote.

This brings up to CNN’s latest estimated & awarded delegates:
McCain – 95 delegates
Romney – 85 delegates
Huckabee – 26 delegates
Paul – 6 delegates

In turns of States won:
1st Place Wins/Gold Medals – 4 states for Romney; 3 states for McCain; 1 state for Huckabee
2nd Place Wins/Silver Medals – 3 states for Romney; 3 states for McCain; 1 state for Huckabee

So, in terms of going into Super Tuesday, Mitt Romney is 10 delegates behind John McCain, not counting unpledged delegates (ie Superdelegates).

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