Time and All Eternity

Time and All Eternity

So, the Wife and I last night were studying in the Scriptures.  We started talking about being married for Time and All Eternity.  In the Church, we believe that if one is married by the proper authority, they can be married not just until death do you part, but forever.  As I said a moment ago, for “Time and All Eternity”.  So, time would be for your mortal life.  Amanda & I are married for time, which means from now until the day we die.  We are also married for All Eternity, which means forever.  I had an interesting thought on this subject, which I shared with her.  We don’t say “married for time and for eternity from this point on”.  We say for “all eternity”.  Does that mean that this marriage covenant is retroactive?  Are we married now, because of this temple sealing, all the way back to the beginning of time?  Were we married when we first met each other back our Senior year of high school because of this temple sealing that we made 5 1/2 years later?

I’m planning on studying this out a little more and then, I’ll post a more complete version, along with some scriptures, at http://philosophies.michaelhcox.org/

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  1. I think you’re wrong! I hope you’re wrong. I want a fun single-life in some part of my story of life. I don’t want to be married starting way back back when. That’s all!

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