Romney wins Michigan!

Romney wins Michigan!

A few days ago, I posted my prediction for the Michigan primary.  I’m glad to say that I was wrong.  Even though the Democrat Primary wasn’t worth anything and it was an open primary, they still had over a half a million voters attend that primary, much more than was expected.  As a result, the cross over didn’t affect the primary as much as it could have.  68% of the voters in Michigan’s GOP primary were Republicans, compared to only 48% in 2000.

CNN’s latest estimated & awarded delegates:
Romney – 36 delegates
McCain – 19 delegates
Huckabee – 18 delegates
Thompson – 6 delegates
Paul – 2 delegates
Hunter – 1 delegate

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  1. Isn’t it great!? I’m so excited about this! Actually, those numbers you listed don’t reflect Michigan yet. Counting all the delegates from Michigan, it puts Romney at 42, Huckabee at 21, McCain at 19, and the rest the same.

  2. My numbers do include the number of delegates from Michigan. The numbers you are using counts the unpledged delegates from Arkansas (3 for Huckabee), Minnesota (2 for Romney), and Illinois (1 for Romney).

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