Presidents and Prophets

Presidents and Prophets

I read Presidents and Prophets: The Story of America’s Presidents and the LDS Church last night.  It is one of the few books in a long time that I read in one sitting.  Having wanted to get it for a few months, I was surprised to receive it Christmas morning from my mother, as I didn’t mention to anyone that I wanted it.  It was good.  I very much enjoyed it, as you can imagine with my reading it all in one sitting.

 Without giving away too much, I found it interesting that a Church president left the political party of this American President due to his policies!  When this American President died in office, a LDS general authority wrote “There are some of us who felt that it is really an act of providence”.  There is an even better quote about this American President, but to post it would give away what American President this was.  I would competely recommend this book for all to read!

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