My Michigan Primary Prediction

My Michigan Primary Prediction

So, the Michigan 2008 Presidential Primaries are coming up on the 15th of January (that’s this coming Tuesday).  I figured I’d give my prediction on what’s going to happen.For those who have not been following the election closely, a bunch of states decided to move up their primaries & caucuses after Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid got Nevada’s moved up.  Michigan is one of these states.  The Democrat National Committee & the Republican Central Committee both told Michigan (and the other states) to move their contests back.  Many of them did not.  As a result, the GOP decided to cut the number of delegates from most those states to the GOP Presidential Convention in half as a punishment.  The DNC went even further (too far, in my opinion).  Michigan (and Florida) lost all their delegates in the Democrat Presidential Convention.  Essentially, the Primary in those too states are now worth nothing.  In Michigan, the Democrats went one step further.  Any candidate who campaigns in Michigan is not entitled to receive delegates at the Convention!  Most major Democratic Candidates (with the exception of Hillary) got their name taken off the ballot in Michigan.

Michigan has an open primary, which means you can go to whatever primary you want to go to.  Since the Democrat Primary is worth crap, I believe you will see a ton of Democrats and “independents” come to the Michigan Republican Primary, many of whom will either vote for John McCain or one of the Republican’s who do not have much of a chance in winning, just as a way to mess up the real conservatives running (ie Mitt Romney, Fred Thompson, and Duncan Hunter).

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  1. I agree with you. This has gotten to an absolutely rediculous point. The left will do pretty much whatever they can to get the conservatives out, so they can have their candidates run. They desperately want Huckabee or McCain to win, for two reasons. First, they could be easily defeated by any of the Dem candidates. Second, even if one of them won the Presidency, they are so liberal, that it wouldn’t matter much to the Dems. McCain already teams up with them a lot, so probably not much would change.

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