Florida Primary Results

Florida Primary Results

My man Mitt came in 2nd in Florida today. That made me a little depressed. It was a hard won fight and John McCain has pulled into the lead in terms of delegates, because Florida is a “winner-takes-all”.

CNN’s latest estimated & awarded delegates (factoring out Thompson & Hunter)
McCain – 95 delegates
Romney – 67 delegates
Huckabee – 26 delegates
Paul – 6 delegates
Giuliani – 1 delegate

In terms of states won:
1st Place Wins/Gold Medals – 3 states for Romney; 3 states for McCain; 1 state for Huckabee
2nd Place Wins/Silver Medals – 3 states for Romney; 2 states for McCain; 1 state for Huckabee

The web-rumors are saying that Rudy Giuliani will be dropping out of the race tomorrow and will be endorsing current front-runner John McCain. I think that if John McCain is the nominee, I might have to vote 3rd party…

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  1. This sucks! I’m pretty upset right now, because McCain should not have won this! If he hadn’t outright LIED about Romney, things could have gone much differently. If it wasn’t for stupid McCain-Feingold, Romney supporters could have countered McCain’s deceit with ads telling the truth. UGGGGGH! Very frustrating! All we can do is hope and pray that things go differently on Super Tuesday. They have to go different, for the sake of our country’s future. We can’t have a liberal in office, and make no mistake, McCain is a liberal! I think if McCain is the nominee, I may not vote, which is hard for me to swallow. But, I can’t in good concious vote for him.

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