FHE: Principles of the Gospel – Lesson 1

FHE: Principles of the Gospel – Lesson 1

I’ve been teaching the Gospel Principles class off and on for several years.  Gospel Principles is designed for those not of my faith, those who are new members, or those who haven’t been out for a while and are just coming back to Church.  Currently, I teach this class ever other Sunday.  I like giving my class a handout at the end of the lesson, just as something for them to look over and review the lesson.  A couple of months ago, I revised my handouts quite a bit, but my new handouts ended up being about 6 or so pages, much too much for a handout.  I revised my handouts again and have made it into a pamplet, designed for the class members to teach to their family as a Family Home Evening lesson.  I decided to post this new pamplet (today was lesson 1) and get everyone’s opinion on it.

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  1. I like that! Something for everyone in the family. Looks pretty well organized. I especially like the coloring activity for the kids and the fun scripture cake recipe. Good idea for FHE!

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