Me Simpsonized

Me Simpsonized

As part of the promotions for the upcoming The Simpsons Movie, you can submit a picture of yourself to be “Simpsonized” at So, I went and did that today. How does it look? I like it but I’ll let you guys be the judge of it:

Michael H. Cox - 19 July 2007

Michael H. Cox - 19 July 2007 - Simpsonized

Now, if only I could get 20th Century Fox to add me as a character on the show, paying me the big bucks, of course!

The Wife Simpsonized herself and Mikey but I don’t have those pictures in front of me at the moment. I’ll add those here in the next day or so.

Updated.  I wasn’t too excited about Mikey’s picture, but here is the Wife Simponized.

Amanda Cox - Simponized

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