A suggestion for Mitt Romney

A suggestion for Mitt Romney

I sent this suggestion to the Romney for President Campaign. I believe that if Mitt does as I have suggested, this will greatly strengthen his campaign and help him win the Presidency.

Mitt Romney needs to hold a press conference this week and say something to the effect of “If Ramos and Compean, our two Border Agents who are now in jail for doing their job, are not pardoned by the time I take office in January 2009, I will pardon them my first day as President of the United States”.

I believe this will help him among all conservatives, not just LDS/Mormon conservatives and can help move him from being “the Mormon candidate” to being the candidate who supports our law enforcement.

Everyone that I’ve talked to has liked this suggestion. As most of you know, I live in Nevada which will be holding the 2nd in the nation Presidential Primary in 2008. A win here would sure help a Romney campain.

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