The National Popular Vote Compact: A Bad Idea

The National Popular Vote Compact: A Bad Idea

The Founding Fathers of the United States created a Separation of Powers and a system of Checks and Balances in the US Constitution. One of the separations from the beginning was the members of the US House of Representatives were elected by the People, the US Senate by the State Legislators, and the US President & Vice President by the Electoral College.

The 17th Amendment, ratified in 1913, caused the US Senators to be directly elected by the people, instead of by the State Legislators.

Today, a group of people wants to setup a “compact” between the states that will cause the US President and Vice President to be voted by a National Popular Vote, instead of the Electoral College. The compact will instruct the Electorates to cast their votes in-line with want ever candidate wins the National Popular Vote, no matter how the voters in their state. Our biggest problem with this is not that people want to get ride of the Electoral Vote, but rather in the way they are trying to do it. If we, the People, want to go to a “National Popular Vote”, then we need to do it the right way. Pass an amendment to the Constitution, like the 17th Amendment.

Our 2nd biggest problem with this bill is that Nevada is a small state. With a national popular vote, Nevada will be very insignificant and few, if any, Presidential candidates will come here.

In April, 2007, we sent a letter to our Governor, our State Assemblyman, and State Senator.

We urge all Nevadans to tell their elected officials to vote no on Assembly Bill 384.

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