Embarq: This Way to Idiotism

Embarq: This Way to Idiotism

Embarq, the local phone company here in Vegas, used to be part of Sprint. I had hoped by them becoming a smaller company, their customer service would improve. I am sadly mistaken. So, I previously wrote about how we moved. Well, January 2, I called Embarq to get my telephone lines for Las Vegas Geeks moved from my old home office to my new home office. They told me that they were booked up and couldn’t move them until Friday, January 5. Ok, I would have liked them moved before then, but I could understand that. So, I told them no problem. Well, Friday the 5th came and went. No sign of Embarq. So, on Monday, January 8, I call them again. Somehow, my call was never dispatched but the person I talked to would keep her eye on the call and would make sure that it got out. Well, today, (Monday, January 15) I call them again. My call is suppose to be done today (14 days after I placed the order!). The technician calls me at about 2:15 to tell me that he’ll be going over soon to my old house to move the lines. At 4:30, I head over to the old house to get my telephone equipment and decide to call the old house. It’s busy. That was fine (I don’t want it to just ring and ring). I call the technician to get a status update. He says they are moved over but that there is some kind of wiring problem outside of the house and that the phones won’t work until it is fixed. I told him that I was 10-minutes away and asked if he’d stay there until I got there so he could show me the problem. He told me no. I said that even though I’ve been waiting 2 weeks and they are charging me $135.00 to move the lines, he can’t wait 10-minutes. He said that was correct. I was very mad. I called Embarq and was on-hold for 22 minutes before someone picks up. He told me that I was at the wrong department and he then blind transfered me to the corret department, which had closed a few minutes earlier!

Can anyone guess why the TeleCo’s are losing market shares?

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