Question 5 is allowed to come into effect…. kinda

Question 5 is allowed to come into effect…. kinda

I’ve made my feelings on the Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act very well known here on this blog. See, for example, my blogs on 9 Nov 06 and 29 Sept 06.

When Judge Douglas Herndon decided to not allow it to come onto the books for a few weeks, I was very upset. See my blog on 8 Dec 06. Judge Herndon has decided to allow the law to take effect now…well, kinda. The Judge really took the teeth out of the law by not allowing criminal prosecution of people who break the law. Also, the Judge is going to listen to arguments in January to see if it is constitutional or not. If he decides its not, then he’ll through the law out then.

The State Legislator is not allowed to change any laws that the people pass by ballot questions for a few years. Perhaps we should not allow the courts to touch them for a few years also.

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