We've Voted

We've Voted

Wednesday night, the Wife and I with baby Mikey went to the Meadows Mall to get a family picture taken. While we were there, we did our early voting. It was nice to have no line when we got there. A few people came after we did. I hope there is a good turn out this year.

Speaking for elections, current Lt. Governor Lorraine Hunt has a radio spot that I think is funny… although its not suppose to be. The announcer says something to the effect of “Twice elected as your Lt. Governor, Lorraine Hunt has also served as President of the State Senate, Chairman of the Nevada Commission on Economic Development, and as a member of Governor Guinn’s cabinet.” The thing that I find so funny about that is by Statute in the State of Nevada the Lt. Governor is always the President of the State Senate, a member of the Cabinet, and the Chair of the Commission of Economic Development under State law! It would be like President Bush telling us that not only is he President, he’s also the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces as well as the head of the Executive Department of the United States.

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