Refuges for a Day

Refuges for a Day

We were refuges for a day. Friday night (the 28th), there was a propane company that exploded about a mile from our house. The next day, over concerns that a larger tank that was damaged in the explosion was about to explode, a mandatory evacuation was ordered for a mile radius around the explosion. We were in the mile. So, we went over to my sister’s house on the other side of town. The evacuation was lifted last night and we were able to come home. We were glad that there were no problems in our area. The whole evacuation area was inside of our new Ward Boundaries.

The crazy part about it, however, was how many people chose to stay. When we were leaving, a car drove out of one of the neighborhoods and asked the police if he’d be able to get back in. The police said no. The man cursed and backed up and went back home. Now, if there had been an explosion, I wonder how much he would have complained that he didn’t leave and how slow the response was to rescue him. It reminded me of Katrina.

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